Training for Today's World

The next-generation training delivery system for optimizing engagement, retention and performance. We give you the tools to drive real outcomes and make your training content more powerful.

Turn Training into Action

The Aquinas Training Platform empowers you with tools to extend your content beyond the training session. Customizable options allow you to deploy post-training reminders and follow-ups, reinforce learning, extend engagements and analyze user performance. As a white-label platform, it fits a wide range of business needs including lifestyle coaching, departmental training, and company-wide learning & development.

Easy, powerful technology that trainers and learners love.

Customize the Learning Experience


For Coaches

Deepen your engagements and increase retention and effectiveness.


For Trainers

Increase engagement with customizable post-workshop calendar-driven reinforcement.


For Company Development

Reinforce habits and keep your employees motivated and updated with personalized training alerts.

Exprience our Powerful Training Platform


Flexible features allow you to easily construct a program tailored to your specific business needs.


Your great content will always be remembered with location-based and time specific reminders.


Schedule follow-ups, personalized notifications and activities for the right users at the right time.


Powerful metrics provide clear patterns and insights for continuous improvement.

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